• The Warsaw-Babice Airport is located 10 km to the 300o GEO from the center of Warsaw
  • As the aerodrome reference point (ARP) the center of of the Main Runway (GDS) was adopted
  • Geographical coordinates of the  airport  reference poin as  defined in the global geodetic system 1984 - WGS - 84 are: 
    52o 16 09,06      N 020o 54 25,98 E
  • Undulation of the geoid: the ARP Airport = 31.32, THR 10R = 31.29, THR 28L = 31.30
  • Reference temperature + 190  C
  • Elevation of the airport is 106.1 m AMSL. However, in relation to thresholds GDS and TDS looks like this:
Runway Marking RWY Geographic
and magnetic direction 
THR runway threshold coordinates Threshold level and the highest point on the belt of the touchdown zone of a precision approach
The main runway
10R 102o GEO
098o MAG
52o 16 13,63 N
020o 53 52,49 E
104,6 m AMSL
28L 282o  GEO
278o MAG
52o16 04, 48 N
020o54 59,47 E
107,2 m AMSL
Grass runway
10L 102GEO
52o16 16,4 N
020o54 08,5 E
104,3 m AMSL
28L 282o  GEO
52o16 09,4 N
020o55 00,0 E
106,4 m AMSL

Airport Warsaw - Babice has two runways:

  • The main runway (GDS) - a length of 1,301 m and a width of 90 m made of concrete with a thickness of 25 cm
  • Grass runway (TDS) - 1000 x 150 m, is located along the Main Runway (GDS) on its northern side at a distance of 30 m, turfed on sandy ground covered with a thin layer of black earth, used mainly by sport aviation, as well as the backup to main Runway
  • Marking and general information containing the actual dimensions of the direction, type of surface and clearway are given in the table below:
Runaway marking  Geographic and magnetic direction 

Runway dimensions (m)

Classification of runway pavement bearing capacity Dimensions  of runway strip
10R 102o GEO
098o MAG
1301 x 90

10 / R / B / X / U

concrete / grass
1421 x 155
28L 282o GEO
278o MAG
1301 x 90

The main runway has a front security belts with dimensions of 60m x 115 m and a lateral security belt width. 15 m on the north side and 50 meters on the south side from the edge of the concrete.

All operations (landings / takeoffs) aircraft are performed using the Main Runway (GDS) or grass runways (TDS).

Helicopters can take off and land from / to the threshold of "10" GDS.

Declared disposable length of TORA, TODA, ASDA, LDA:

For GDS.


TORA (m)  TODA (m)  ASDA (m)  LDA (m)
10R 1301 1301 1301 1301
28L 1301 1301 1301 1301



  • Taxiways are located on the south side of the runways. They are made of concrete PCN 10 / R / B / X / U a thickness of 25 cm on the sandy ballast. The total length of the taxiway is 3500 meters and a width of 18 m.
  • Taxiways (DK) at the airport Warsaw - Babice marked as follows:
  1. taxiway Alpha "A1 and A2" - departing obliquely from the middle of the GDS to the hangar No. 5,
  2. taxiway Bravo "B1 and B2" - departing at right angles to the left and right of the threshold "10" GDS to taxiway "D1",
  3. taxiway Charlie "C" - departing perpendicularly to the left of the threshold "28" GDS to DK "D2",
  4. taxiway Delta "D1 and D2" - Geographic coordinates WGS 84 52 ° 15'58,6 "N 020 ° 54'40,7" E, located parallel to the concrete DS, between DK "B2" and DK "C. "cut the DK" A ".