Taking Flight

  1. Flights at the airport (ATZ and TSA) can be carried out in accordance with the rules to visual flight (VFR) in VMC, in agreement with AMC Poland.
  2. Taking flight in uncontrolled area airports Warsaw - Babice without radio communication is prohibited.
  3. All aircraft performing flight to / from airport Warsaw - Babice or flying in the vicinity of airports must have efficient radio contact with ATS.
  4. The language used in air-ground communications at the airport Warsaw - Babice is Polish or by prior arrangement English.
  5. In order to improve the level of safety of flights in the vicinity of airports, airport managers strictly prohibits the use of School flights to / from airport Warsaw-Babice aircraft equipped with not certified engines .

In the area of ​​ATZ Airport are non-performing flights on other than published in the AIP-VFR.

Local procedures and restrictions.

The procedure for landing.

Effective maneuver the straight and circle traffic circuit with a deviation to the north, whose amount is set at 460 m QNH / 360 m QFE (if task and weather conditions allow above mentioned height. Minimum conditions for flights Warsaw airport - Babice, see HERE.

The procedure of departure from the airport.

  1. Starts from Warsaw - Babice, may be held with the course 102 GEO (099o MAG) or 282 GEO (279o MAG) - depending on the wind direction.
  2. Moving away from the circle to route traffic circuit are allowed to perform with 1 and 2 turn circle traffic circuit, as indicated AFIS Babice. The height of the circle H = 460 m QNH (360 m QFE).

Noise abatement procedures.

Please note! All arrivals and departures from the airport Warsaw - Babice held at a tangent to the circle at the northern height of not less than 300 m AGL bypassing the built-up areas.